Birth is instinctual and individual…

Yet, often someone else is telling you how you should birth.

This leaves you in the passenger seat – anxious, wondering if you’ll remember everything you’ve read or been taught, reliant on others and pretty disconnected from your body. 

Here’s the thing…there is no one size fits all formula – no two births are alike and no two people are alike. That’s why the process from the prenatal to the postpartum period needs to be individualized and responsive to your needs. I am skilled in guiding you to prepare in the only way you truly can: individually and instinctually, keeping you in the driver’s seat. With my support, you can look forward to:

  • Navigating birth preparation with ease and confidence as you prepare authentically for the birthing process
  • Learning to work with your body, release tension, feel better and move better throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey
  • Trusting your inner knowing, discerning instinct from anxiety
  • Receiving attuned guidance & curated information on all things birth, postpartum & parenting

Interested? Check out my offerings and frequently asked questions. If you’d like to work together, you can reach me by filling out my inquiry form below.

If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing.
-Agnes Sallet Von Tannenburg

Service Offerings:

A minimum of 12 sessions are offered during the second or third trimester over the course of 1.5 months virtually or in person. Each session is 1 hour focussed on breathing, movement and touch exercises to prepare your pelvic floor, & whole body for birth. You will learn all that you need to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum period.

The Paula Method is an evidence-based approach to individualized childbirth preparation. While it is most commonly known in Israel, it is taught all over the world as a a very special way to work with the body’s instincts as the process is entirely individualized and we work within your comfort zone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Costs vary by service and packages are available for those interested in multiple services. Some fees may be payable by your HRA/HSA/FSA accounts as I do accept HRA/HSA/FSA cards for payment when applicable.

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