My commitment to you:
  • I honor birth and parenthood as a rite of passage and initiation.
  • I strive to establish relationships of trust and safety.
  • There are many ways of knowing, whether modern and medical, or inner and intuitive. I respect your desire and need for all ways of knowing, including the need for less at times.
  • I nurture your inner wisdom and embodiment.
  • I acknowledge birth as a normal, physiologic event that is also a social, sexual, psychological and spiritual experience.
  • I acknowledge and witness all the ways that birth lives inside of each of us.
  • I honor that your preparation for birth and parenthood began years before you became pregnant, reached out to hire a doula, took prenatal classes, etc.
  • I seek to awaken the highest self in you so you can stay present, access all possibilities and take action when needed.
  • I support a spectrum of ways to birth, parent, cope with intensity and receive support. I am unattached to any specific outcome.
  • I am witness to the cycles of change and transition around and within you, and believe you are capable of navigating it all.
  • I see that all relationships around you are interconnected and I will help you nurture these relationships.
  • I believe all beings have agency and choice. I cherish the preciousness and sanctity of all of life.
  • I engage in active and continuous self-awareness and reflection so that I can provide open-hearted, quality care.
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