Holistic Healing After Loss
With every birth comes a death, and with every death comes the dawning of a new birth.

Doula Support

For anyone who has experienced any of the below, my doula support is available to you before, during and after to help you through. I have supported many individuals and couples through loss, the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies it and in helping them face the deep challenges that they face with resiliency, resources and ease.

If you’ve had miscarriage or pregnancy loss, you may want some physical, emotional and informational support before, during or after appointments. I’m available to support you through this challenging time, and to help you transition after the experience.

Option 1: Doula Support By the Hour
@ $50-75/hour
Option 2: Doula Support 5 Session Package
@ $40-45/Hour for 15 Hours

Additional Healing Services After Loss

Any of the below can be purchased separately or added to a customized package with services of your choice.
All prices listed.
Combination discounts available, inquire for details.

I offer discounts to teachers, military personnel or anyone currently in public service.


Interested working together? Get in touch: nina@newdawnbirth.com.

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