5 Tips for Nursery Setup

It takes creativity to set up a nursery in NYC apartments, here is tour of a client’s nursery which was very functional and compact (all of these products can be found on my Client Favorites page):

  1. To the viewer’s far right you’ll see a set of clean diapers in a hamper and wipes in a warmer. Underneath that were emergency extras.
  2. The changing pad at the center had multiple layers in case of an accident, one layer could be taken off for washing if it got soiled without affecting the whole set up.
  3. Next to the changing pad on both sides were items like sanitizer, diaper rash cream, powder, coconut oil, suction.
  4. By the window, you’ll see some toys to help with distraction (not typically needed until the baby is 1-2 months old).
  5. Not seen but important: the first drawer contained the must grab items like socks, burp cloths, onesies and other daily items. Each drawer under the first included items by priority, so the ones closest to the top are the ones most frequently needed.

This baby loved looking out the window, so it was convenient that the nursery was facing the window. In this little nook was the family’s bassinet for co-sleeping and their bed was to the viewer’s left. Infants typically don’t need their own rooms, but if you are going to set up a separate nursery room with a theme (which is totally great too!) just know that you also may need an additional diaper changing set up and other basic necessities in reach in either your bedroom or a common area.