What are energy healing sessions like?

Although I have studied and practiced energy healing for 18 years, my direct experience began when I was a young child. From a young age, I have had the gift of insight and intuition – often “spooking people out” by my perceptiveness. I have often been called a “seer” by friends, colleagues and clients. For my own healing and my family’s, I chose to hone this skill that I now use professionally beginning with Reiki in 2002 and then training in more advanced energy healing techniques with the Energy Healing Institute starting in 2006.

Over the years, I have developed a strong breadth and depth of skill as a healer, particularly when it comes to working energetically with my hands or at a distance to release blockages and pain, working with energy fields, clairvoyance, conscious channeling, mediumship & more. I am highly sensitive and attuned to different planes of consciousness. I am able to be deeply present with clients and meet them where they’re at to help them broaden their perspective, evolve their awareness, and help them integrate their experiences. I focus on shifting paradigms, belief systems and thought processes that get in the way of self-healing and (r)evolution. I invite each client to see themselves in the seat of their truest self, as their own healer with autonomy to create & manifest. I now also work with other healers, empaths and other highly sensitive people in honing their skill sets so as not to get hijacked by overwhelm and unconscious dynamics. Below you’ll find answers to the top 10 questions frequently asked questions I get that may help you better understand the process. There are many benefits when we tune in more deeply:

About the Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Deep relaxation, stress reduction and anxiety reduction
  • Increased vitality, energy levels and decreased fatigue
  • Overall sense of positive well-being and purpose
  • Clarity & support for you to do your inner work
  • Evolve your relationship with your body, emotions, core patterns, beliefs & behaviors
  • Shift the dynamics with people in your life
  • Expand conscious awareness
  • Fully grieve and release that which does not serve you
  • Gain insight into any challenges or problems that seem to be in the way of the best pathway forward for you
  • Receive non-judgmental support to align with your soul’s purpose and activate the highest good for all beings
  • Tap into the resources & wisdom that dwell deep within you
  • Delve into the lessons available for you to learn on your soul journey in relation to other souls and based on recent experiences i.e. a death, birth, pregnancy
  • Understand your connection to another soul and recent events including exploring birth, loss, grief, abortion history, etc.
  • Restore your sacred place in this life

Frequently Asked Questions